Impressions of the Resort Hotel “The Busena Terrace” in Okinawa (about the rooms)

Hotels in Okinawa (Review)

In today’s blog, I’m going to review the rooms at The Busena Terrace, one of the most popular resort hotels in Okinawa ☺.

This time we stayed at Busena Terrace’s Club Floor, “Deluxe Elegant” room.

Deluxe Elegant is a very refreshing room.
It has an ocean view and is close to the ocean, so ‘Oh, it’s a resort! It was a nice room that made me think: ….

Busena Terrace Club Floor (check-in)

This time we are staying at The Busena Terrace in Nago City in the northern part of the main island.
After several trips to Okinawa.

I decided it was time to change my objective to spend more time relaxing than sightseeing, so I decided to choose a hotel where I could spend my time in elegance rather than convenience.

I’ve been curious about Busena Terrace for a while now!

About Busena Terrace

A large resort hotel located on the beach in Nago, northern Okinawa Island.
It is located in the grounds of Busena Marine Park, and of course you can swim in front of the beach.
You can also enjoy the beauty of the water from a glass boat or an underwater viewing tower.
Busena Terrace is also famous for being the venue for the 2000 Okinawa Summit.
Many people may have an image of a luxury resort hotel.


The whole atmosphere of the hotel is really nice and it’s the perfect place to experience the extraordinary ☺.

When you arrive at Busena Terrace, if you have a car, go straight to the front of the hotel!
Busena Terrace offers a valet service.
The hotel staff will take care of your car transportation (^^).


At the Terrace Hotels family, which includes Busena Terrace
Valet service is also available for those staying on standard floors as well as Club floors!

Check in when you get out of the car☺


The atmosphere you feel the moment you enter Busena Terrace is
feeling like a resort!
The lobby is large and insanely open!

The breeze that blows through feels great!

It was a bit windy due to the weather.
Even though the temperature was 30 degrees, the breeze that blew through was nice.

This time we booked a club floor, so we checked in at the club lounge☆

Busena Terrace is divided into three towers, Central Tower, South Tower and North Tower, but
Each is connected to the other by a corridor, making it easy to move around.

The entrance lobby is located in the Central Tower.

The Club Lounge and Club Floor are in the North Tower, so move along!

At the end of this corridor is the North Tower and at the end of the corridor is the entrance to the Club Lounge ☺.

Entrance to the Club Lounge.
The gold color creates an elegant atmosphere.


Inside the Club Lounge at Busena Terrace
There is also a sofa seat like this one (^^)

You will be shown to the sofa seat and checked in☺

Busena Terrace has a drink exclusive to the Club Lounge called Guava Punch.
Holy shit, the welcome drink for club floor guests is the Guava Punch(^O^)

For the standard floor, it’s a Shikuwasa juice ☺.


Shekwasha is a Japanese citrus fruit!

What is this guava punch?
It’s so good!
Sometimes I drink regular guava juice or something like that, but it tastes completely different.
This is going to be addictive!


The booklet I was given when I checked in.

When I opened it, I found a “terrace ticket” in it.


A “Terrace Ticket” is a ticket that allows you to use a variety of services at Busena Terrace.

The guests on the club floor don’t seem to have a breakfast ticket, so you just have to show them this booklet☺.

After the explanation, the check-in process is complete!

Introducing the rooms in Busena Terrace “Club Floor Deluxe Elegant”.

The club floors of Busena Terrace are located on the 4th and 5th floors of the North Tower.
My room was on the 4th floor ☺.

By the way, for the club floor, you have to go through the club lounge to get to your room.
There is always a butler at the entrance of the club lounge for your peace of mind☺

Busena Terrace’s club floor rooms are located beyond the club lounge.
It’s along the half outside corridor like this one ☺.
It’s a very nice, tropical resort♪

We stayed at the Deluxe Elegant, which has the most rooms on the club floor with the cheapest price.
By the way, there are exactly the same type of rooms on the standard floor.


It was late to get into the room as we had tea time in the club lounge after check in.
Sorry for the dark picture (^_^;)

It was more spacious and less cramped than it looks in the pictures ☺︎.
However, due to the corridor I mentioned earlier, it feels small for a 43 square meter room.

The white interior and the ceiling fan goes well with the room.
In the chest of drawers on the right side of the room, there is a TV and a small refrigerator.


The bathroom is the same space as the tub and toilet, but
It’s spacious and has a separate shower stall(^O^)

Busena Terrace’s bath amenities are Targo Japon.

Is the white box in the foreground a women’s skin care set?
It looks like the set includes lotion and other liquids.
It’s a gift for club floor guests only ☺.

The same item was sold at the Busena Terrace store for 1000 yen.

The welcome sweet is Busena Terrace’s original “Chinsuko”☆.


Traditional Okinawan traditional snack “Chinsuko”.
It is food like a cookie (^O^)
Busena Terrace’s “Chinsuko” is a little different and very tasty!

Turndown service is available on the club floor (^^)
Turndown, simply put, is getting ready for bed & replenishing toiletries before bed, etc.
You can say no if you don’t have to, so let Mr. Butler know in advance☆


The top of the picture is for normal cleaning and the bottom is for turndown (^^)

After the turn down, there will be a weather forecast for the next day’s Okinawa and chocolate service.

By the way, for those staying on the club floor, there is also a morning newspaper service.
You can read the newspaper while having a cup of coffee on the terrace of your room (^^)

At the end☆ Impressions of the Resort Hotel “The Busena Terrace” in Okinawa (about the rooms)

So today I’ve introduced you to a room at Okinawa’s most popular resort hotel, The Busena Terrace!

The Deluxe Elegant is the most common and cheapest room on the club floor, but
The rooms are very comfortable and refreshing, and you can even hear the sound of the waves because of the proximity to the beach!
It was a nice room with a resort feel(^O^)

The North Tower, where the club floor is located, is
It’s a bit far from the busy beach.
So it was very nice to have a relatively quiet stay!


Busena Terrace has been consistently rated as one of the best resort hotels in Okinawa, but
It’s really a very nice hotel, in fact, having stayed there!
Please take advantage of this place when you visit Okinawa ☺

Well, that’s it for today!
Thanks for reading!