Impressions of the resort hotel “The Busena Terrace” in Okinawa☆(About breakfast)

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In today’s blog, I’m going to write about my thoughts on breakfast at Okinawa’s popular “The Busena Terrace” (^^).


The breakfast we had this time was.
Buffet at Café Terrace La Tida
Western breakfast at Main Dining Fanuan
It’s a Japanese set meal for room service ☺.

This time we stayed on the club floor.
So we were able to have a continental breakfast in the club lounge.
However, when we looked inside the lounge, there wasn’t much variety, so we didn’t use the club lounge breakfast (^_^;)

If you want to enjoy a light breakfast, I think breakfast in the club lounge is a more relaxing experience.
If you want to enjoy a certain amount of food, I think the regular restaurant is a better option.

Breakfast at The Busena Terrace☆Buffet at La Tida Restaurant

Latida is an all-day dining experience.
It’s the most popular restaurant for breakfast at Busena Terrace, so it’s very crowded.

After all, buffet breakfast is popular at all hotels, but
I can see why Latida is so popular, especially since it has a great atmosphere ☺.

Latida is located on the second floor of the North Tower.
The breakfast buffet is served from 6:30-10:30*.

We got there at about 8:30am and waited about 20 minutes.
There was a huge line behind us as well (^_^;)


Even on a relatively low-season trip, you’ll have to wait this long.
If you’re traveling in high season.
You’ll have to go pretty early or very late.
If not, I have a feeling you’re going to have to wait an awfully long time.

The Latida has a terrace, but this one faces the beach side.
If the weather is good, it’s a great feeling!

In our case, we asked for a seat near the terrace as the terrace was crowded☺

It was a bit crowded, so it was difficult to take detailed photos.
However, Latida has a great selection of Japanese as well as Western food.
You won’t have to worry about food.

When it comes to hotel breakfasts, it’s all about freshly baked, delicious bread.
Latida has a wide variety of breads to choose from!

In addition to our classic strawberry and marmalade products, we also offer a selection of jams.
Hotel made shikuwasa, pineapple jam, shikuwasa butter and more.
Some are very Okinawan and all are very delicious!

And I recommend the Red Sweet Potato Brulee, which is the perfect after-dinner dessert!
There are diced red potatoes mixed in with the creme brulee….
This is good!

I even regretted that I should have been a little more hungry to eat the red potato brulee (lol).

And lots of soft drinks! And all kinds of salad dressings!
The dressings are made in the hotel, but they are also available in the shop as a souvenir.

All the Okinawan dressings are delicious, including island salt, shikuwasa , and tankan.
I especially liked the island salt dressing and bought more than 10 bottles of it to take home as gifts for my friends and guests.


And the people I gave the gifts to were delighted!
I think it’s popular with women because of its stylish glass container for the dressing(^^♪

Latida’s breakfast buffet had a great atmosphere and a great variety of menu items!
The freshly baked French toast was very good too!

It’s a bit crowded, but it’s no wonder it’s so popular☺

Breakfast at The Busena Terrace☆Western Set Menu at Main Restaurant Fanuan

Next, “Fanuan
Main Dining Fanuan is usually open for dinner, but
Depending on the season, they also offer breakfast ☺.

This time we used Fanuan because the timing was right and breakfast was allowed at Fanuan.
Fanuan is located on the 2nd floor of the South Tower.

Fanuan is a French restaurant, so if it’s dinner time, they have a strong dress code.
There is no dress code for breakfast ☺.

Holy cow, we were shown to the terrace with a nice atmosphere.

Good weather and good seats with a view of the pool!

Breakfast at Fanuan is a Western set menu.
You can choose between a healthy breakfast set, such as cereal, or a standard breakfast set.
When you are seated, they show you the menu and explain it to you very carefully ☺.

We chose the standard breakfast as we are not health conscious☺.

The menu for the Standard Breakfast Set is
・fresh juice
・Yogurt & Fruit
・Eggs and side dishes (sausage, bacon, ham, etc.)
・Coffee or tea

They bring a basket full of bread and serve as much as you want if you tell them what you want!

For the egg dish, you can choose from fried eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, or omelets.
Pair it with a side of your choice(^^)


Instead of egg dishes & sides
You can also choose eggs benedict!

I’d heard that Fanuan’s Eggs Benedict was delicious.
I didn’t hesitate to order the Eggs Benedict(^^♪

The Eggs Benedict is rather generous, so there are three types of breads in moderation.
Croissant, Danish and baguette.

Basically all the breads are good, but I especially enjoyed the red potato danish☺
I don’t usually eat Danishes, but the Danishes at Busena Terrace were delicious!

Eggs Benedict comes in two varieties: salmon and prosciutto.
The salmon is served with hollandaise sauce and the prosciutto is served with tomato sauce.

For starters, it’s quite a large portion ☺
But it was too good to finish!

Then the waitress brought me another basket full of bread and recommended it.
I was pretty full, but I felt bad about saying no, so I got three more loaves of bread (*^▽^*).
Seriously, I was full.

Nope, I ate! I ate it!
It was a very good breakfast!

Not only is the food delicious, but it’s a quiet place compared to the buffet.
If you want to splurge a bit, Fanuan is a great place to go(^^♪

Club Floor Benefits at the Busena Terrace☆ Room Service Breakfast

Lastly, let’s talk about room service breakfast ☺.

Normally, room service breakfast is an extra charge.
However, if you are staying on the club floor or in a club cottage
As a bonus, you can change to room service for free!

Breakfast can be eaten at leisure in Fanuan or the club lounge, but
Isn’t room service the most relaxing way to eat?

So, since we were staying on the club floor, we asked for room service for breakfast on the last day!

You can choose from the regular morning menu for breakfast☺

Breakfast at Busena Terrace☆Room Service Menu

Ahead, I’d like to introduce you to the room service breakfast menu at Busena Terrace☆

American Breakfast
Fruit and vegetable juice
Assorted breads
Favorite egg dishes and sides (sausage, bacon, etc.)
Coffee or tea

Healthy Breakfast
Fruit and vegetable juice
Cornflakes or brown rice flakes
Yogurt and fruit
Coffee or tea

Sandwich Set
Fruit and vegetable juice
Mixed sandwiches
Coffee or tea

Japanese breakfast
Small bowl
Grilled fish
Rice or porridge
Incense (pickles)
miso soup


If you’re staying on the no-breakfast plan
Sandwich set 3,000 yen
Others are 3.300yen (plus tax) ☺️.

If you want to change your breakfast to room service, please ask for it by 24:00 the day before.

Breakfast at Busena Terrace☆Room service (Japanese set meals)

We ate mainly Western breakfast at a restaurant for two days.
So we opted for room service Japanese food for breakfast on the last day☺.

Let them know in advance what time breakfast will be delivered.
The intercom rang at almost the exact time☆

They are brought in on a wagon, and that wagon is transformed into a round table!
It’s ready in a flash!

There is rice in the “Ohitsu” as well, so I think it’s enough.
If you don’t have enough, you can add more if you ask ☺


The “Ohitsu” is a wooden container ☺.
In Japan, they often come out with freshly cooked rice in a “Ohitsu” ☺.

Mmmm, looks very tasty (^^)

The flavor is consistent and delicious.
The taste was so relieving that it made me think that Japanese people are Japanese food (^^)

I believe this breakfast is from the Japanese restaurant, 「Mahae」, located on Busena Terrace.

Whether it’s Western or Japanese food, the room service is very calming.
It can be quite hectic, especially on checkout days, but it was very helpful!

If you have small children with you.
There are quite a few fathers and mothers who say that they worry about their surroundings.
I think room service is highly recommended for those times too!

At the end.Impressions of the resort hotel “The Busena Terrace” in Okinawa☆(About breakfast)

Today I wrote the breakfast version of my stay at Busena Terrace (*^^^*)

The breakfast at Busena Terrace is very good wherever you eat, but
I still thought the Latida buffet was good for something ☺.

If you’re like me and want to eat a variety of things, you’ll appreciate the buffet☺

On top of that, Latida is a really nice location and it’s really nice….
However, Latida is simply too crowded and there are a lot of kids, so if you want to spend your time in a calm environment, you should avoid it (^_^;)

There are various breakfast patterns at Busena Terrace, including Latida, Fanuan, Mahae, Club Lounge, and Room Service, and each one has its own good points, so you can choose the one that suits your mood♪

Basically, the food is delicious no matter where you eat, and the Busena Terrace itself is a very nice hotel to begin with.
I’m sure you’ll be happy with it ☺.

Well then, I’ll leave it at that for today(^^)

Thanks for reading!