Impressions of the Resort Hotel “The Busena Terrace” in Okinawa (about the club lounge)

Hotels in Okinawa (Review)

Hello ☺

In today’s blog, I’m going to share with you the story of my stay at The Busena Terrace, a popular resort hotel in Okinawa.
I would like to report on the Club Lounge (^^)

The Club Lounge at The Busena Terrace offers a great selection of teatime and cocktail hours.
I highly recommend it!

You can read more about it on this blog here, and I hope you find it helpful (*^^*).

What is the Club Lounge at the Busena Terrace?

The Club Lounge at The Busena Terrace is
Exclusive lounge for Club Floor, Club Cottage and Suite guests (^^)

The Club Lounge is located on the 4th floor of the North Tower.
It is open from 7am to 8pm.
At this time, you can drink coffee, tea, juice and other soft drinks at any time of the day ☺︎.
Busena Terrace has a dedicated club lounge staff and a higher level of service than the non-lounge staff☺


Soft drinks will be available in the Club Lounge at Busena Terrace at any time during business hours.
There are three other food presentations per day (^^)

continental breakfast
7:00-10:00 am.
A simple breakfast of bread, waffles, salad, ham and smoked salmon.
Yoghurt, fruit, coffee tea and fruit juice are also available.
A quick and easy breakfast, good for those who want a quiet breakfast in the club lounge ☺.


14:00 – 16:00
Hotel made cakes, cookies, scones, chocolates, fruit and more☆.
Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and of course the exclusive guava punch at the club lounge!
You can enjoy them buffet style ☺.

cocktail hour
18:00 – 20:00
Several hors d’oeuvres of the day, a wide variety of cheeses, nuts and fruit dishes, and more☺
During cocktail hour, we offer champagne, beer, wine, cocktails and Okinawa’s famous Awamori.
You can drink all the alcohol you want.
There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from, so if you’re a small eater, it’s a good alternative to dinner!

Club Lounge (Tea time) at the Busena Terrace

Let’s start with an introduction to teatime ☺.

When you go to the club lounge, there is a female staff member who is dedicated to the club lounge.
When you are seated, she asks, ‘Would you like something to drink? He called out to me…(^^)

The staff dedicated to the club lounge at Busena Terrace were really good in their customer service.
In other hotels, there is usually unfriendly staff even though it is a club lounge.
The lounge at Busena Terrace was no problem at all ☺.

Now, it’s tea time.
It goes something like this.

Hotel made cakes, baked goods, chocolates and fruits ☺.

As for the baked goods served in the club lounge, you may find the same items in the shops at Busena Terrace.
We recommend you try them in the club lounge and if you like them, you can buy them as a souvenir.
I had a red potato cookie at tea time that was so good too.
We gave them to our friends and others and they were very happy with them and said they were very good.

The cakes were so good, not to mention the baked goods, but the cakes were so delicious.
I think I’m going to eat this one too much!

Instead of the club lounge, they have an afternoon tea set menu (for a fee) in the regular lobby lounge.
This one looks good too, but the tea time in the lounge is enough to satisfy you…(^^)


The Terrace Hotels Group’s original sweets are stylish to look at.
I really recommend it as a souvenir because it’s so delicious!


The Club Lounge at Busena Terrace (cocktail hour)

Next up is the cocktail hour.

The cocktail hour at Busena Terrace is a buffet style, as is the teatime.

There are several appetizers, as well as cheeses, dried fruits and nuts.
There is a wide variety, and if they are about to run out, they will replenish each one or add a new one to the menu.

There are also breads and other items for you to choose from if you’re hungry.
For those who usually have a light dinner.
I think the cocktail hour is enough for me ☺.

The pictures are really only part of the picture, but there were many others and they all tasted great!
The appetizers change daily, but it’s nice to have Okinawan-style snacks every day☺

They are very tasty and sometimes new types of dishes are added to the menu that day.
Holy crap, I ate a lot of food and got pretty full!


Even hotels in Okinawa that have a club lounge set up, the variety of food at cocktail time and teatime varies, and some hotels don’t replenish the food when it runs out (^-^;
In that respect, Busena Terrace is very good because they have a wide variety of food and can replenish it for you.

The cocktail hour is 6pm-8pm, which means that’s just when I’m hungry (laughs).
And I ended up eating a lot of food because it was delicious….

When you book a restaurant in advance, be careful not to eat too much!

Rather, don’t make restaurant reservations in advance unless it’s a very busy time of year.
If you think you need a restaurant while you enjoy your cocktail hour, you’re in need of one.
You might want to ask the butler to make an appointment on the spot (;^^).

At the end☆Impressions of the Resort Hotel “The Busena Terrace” in Okinawa (about the club lounge)

We did not use the Club Lounge breakfast (continental breakfast) at this time.
Therefore, the only things we were able to introduce were the tea time and cocktail hour.

My overall impression of the Club Lounge at Busena Terrace is that

It was very good ☺.

We stayed for 3 nights this time, so we had several teatime and cocktail times each.
We had no problem at all with the variety of food any time we used it, lol.

There was a wide variety of drinks and food and the taste was fine.
Personally, I was impressed with the customer service of the staff ☺.

Busena Terrace is a large resort hotel with over 400 rooms.
There is a very large number of staff throughout the hotel.

In my opinion, the exclusive butler of the club lounge at Busena Terrace is
I felt very dedicated.
I got the impression that he was polite but just right, friendly and very pleasant, and that he cared enough to itch.

The Busena Terrace is one of the most popular hotels on the main island of Okinawa.
It’s a great hotel to just stay at.


Personally, I would recommend staying on the club floor as the club lounge is quite comfortable to use!

You can enjoy an elegant trip to Okinawa that you can’t experience in your daily life, so
Please give it a try☺

Well, I guess that’s it for today!
Thank you for reading this (^O^)